Intercultural Mishaps & Differences in Pictures

Personal pictures taken over the course of my international seminars abroad



For French speakers. A street ad for a fitness center in Belgium...

Oops! What a name for a pharmacist!

In Flemmish a "Malheur" is a minor incident. In French it is a 'disaster'!

The Indonesian practice waste sorting. Plastic, metal and... glass. Phonetically 'kaca' stands for 'poop' in French.

In Orthodox churches. The message cannot be clearer....

A variation of the previous picture, in Asia.

Contrary to the French legal framework, in Switzerland, clinics, doctors, physios ... are allowed to advertise in and on public spaces.

Vanity plate. Don’t make the driver angry when he/she is driving. He/she can turn into a nasty witch, just like that...

Why is the road sign in the middle of the road? (Arizona)

At Work

Lecture course on Services Marketing at KEDGE BS to Master's students

Lecture cours on Luxury Marketing and Luxury Services at GEM BS.

The winning team of the international class challenge  (Helmo SM, Liège, Belgium).

Applied luxury services: visit to the Connaught, London. (GEM-LBSF)

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